Monday, June 22, 2015

#10 Road to ICSI - Appt with Dr. T, again!

As expected, my CD 1 came on the 2nd of Ramadhan (Friday).
So I called KL Fert that morning to make the appt with Dr. T.
Appt secured at 945 am.

We arrived at the centre at 845 am and Dr. T is already there and we are the 1st patient!

Baru duduk 3 minit kot nama dah dipanggil.
Dr. T looks beautiful today wearing batik.

1st discussed about my sugar level result the other which doesn't seems good to her.
She referred me to Pusrawi's Endocrinologist to monitor my sugar level for this 2 months.

After that she did TVS to see my numbers of follicles.

And Alhamdulillah, my right ovary was super easy to find now!
But only contain 2 follicles.
On the other hand, the left side got 5 follicles and that makes it 7 in total.

Dr. T was happy with that.
So I don't need to do AMH test.

And my ICSI is scheduled either on August / September.
I need to come back again this 30th June for my uterus lining measurement pulak.

Dr. T asked both of us to do a blood test for HIV, Hepatitis, Siflis and additional Vit D and Kidney function test for me.

After that we both are given all the information on the ICSI procedure and costs involves by the nurse.
Dr. T quoted us RM 14,600.00 *gulp!* and this include all the standard medication and the procedure itself.
Frozen Embryos is on a separate costs.

Today's costs : RM 1038.00.


  1. A lot cheaper if included medication rasanya... my last icsi, around 18k kot...

    1. itu dekat mana tu dear? PH? or kl fert jugak?

  2. Ye betul,agak murah di situ.all the best dear.

    1. oh ye ke? mudah2an lah my body accept standard dose of medication..

  3. RM1083 tu termasuk dalam kos ICSI tu ke? atau utk hanya TVS dan tests yang Dr suruh buat tu?

    1. Tak itu cuma cost buat test darah laki bini. Kos ivf belom start lg.

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