Monday, July 27, 2015

#11 Road to ICSI - Check up again

Selamat Hari Raya to all my fellow friends!
Maaf zahir batin andai ada nukilan dalam blog ini mengguris hati dan perasaan uols.

Anyway, as expected, my CD 1 falls on 2nd Syawal.
I need to check on my follicles this month.
Emailed Dr. T, she replied, I can either see Dr. Helena or wait till she comes back on my CD 6.

Since I am so comfortable with my Dr. T, I waited for her to come back.

So on last Thursday, I went to see her.
Alhamdulillah found 6 follicles on my left ovary and 4 on the right ovary.
That makes is 10 and the most I've had so far!

Dr. T is happy about that. So now mmg tunggu my sugar level turun till 6 - 6.5 which now current reading is around 7.

Dr. T confirming that my ICSI will be this September but if next month my sugar is good, I can just proceed but we both mintak jgk September since this August me and DH will be busy with his sister's wedding.

Biar lah settle semua tu dulu.

Besides checking on the follicles, I kena jgk amik darah utk check my Vit D together with Hep B, C and HIV test.

Result yg tu tak dpt lagi.

So total for today is : RM 750.
Cost utk Vit D test itself dah RM 320.

The next day tu, DH ckp kat I, abis je wedding adik dia nnt before the ICSI, dia ajak Iols g holiday.
I ajak ler ke Penang tp dia ckp jom Phuket! (again!)
Sayang DH ketat-ketat!

Sah lah Phuket ni jadi yearly vaccay spot.

So arini I kena lah gigih check hotel and ticket semua!
Bila check date yang dipilih tu most likely on O day!
Last year pegi pon time O jgk tapi takde rezeki.
Kita tgk dis year lak eh!

Meh lanje selfie sket! Eh!!


  1. MZ, u look very slim!!! how much dah turun ni?

  2. Wah..jenjalan lagi..sangat bagus untuk start treatment after refreshing diri.semoga berjaya mrs z..Amin..