Thursday, April 16, 2015

#4 Road to ICSI - Telling people about ur IVF journey..

To some people, spreading the news about you and ur DH need IVF/ICSI just to get a baby is humiliating.
Eventually to them, others will have the thought that either one of u is having infertility problems.

Well for me, I want to take my TTC stories to another level.
To educate people out there that it is not our fault if we can't get the child of our own.
It is all about rezeki dari Allah SWT.
I want people out there to know that we both have tried all possible ways in order to get 1 child.
I don't want them to just assumed we both did nothing.

Besides, I know I am surrounded with good friends and families who always pray the best for me.
So I want them to pray for both of us on this IVF/ICSI journey.
Mana tau berkat doa families and kawan2 tu semua Allah SWT makbulkan.
We never know.

I know I am not ashamed for not being able to conceive on our own.
Itu semua ujian dari Allah SWT yang menunjukkan Allah SWT tu sayangkan kami berdua.

Being positive is all that I want to do now.
Keeping all the positive vibes around me.

I broke the news to my mom and sister.
DH broke the news to my SILs.
Only parents in law have no clue about it.
All the while pon they never make noise of it.
They always said rezeki tak sampai lagi.
But we will somehow tell them as well.
Nak mintak mereka doakan jugak.

The funny part, my mom, sister and SILs suruh buat kembar!
Hey igt senang nak main buat2?
So we need to explain to them on how the procedure.
Mintak diaorg doakan jugak.

Rasa bersyukur sangat family terdekat semuanya memahami and gave the support that we need.

Kalau korang pulak macamana? U tell others or just keep it to yourself? 


  1. my past 2 ICSIs, yes i did told my family n frens. Also my boss n colleague yg nak kena cover i. But to deal with the 'what happend to ur IVF/ICSI' after the negative result tu yg i masih cari kekuatan. To me, it's good to share with others, as they can pray for u as well. it also would give them awareness about infertility. I believe we should be more open about infertility. Take out the negative/taboo vibe that been surrounding it. Hopefully, when other people are more aware with infertility, x de la lagi soalan2 jahil dan sakit telinga kita akan dengar kan...

    1. ST, exactly.. thats what I had in mind too!

    2. Kuat anda anda semua.

      Saya masih mempertimbangkan samada nak bagitau family and colleague.

      The thing is my SIL's semua mulut puaka.

      And for the colleague, tak pandai nak jawab nanti if diorg tanya macam2.

  2. some people may feel it's humiliating been ttc and same goes to me..
    i don't know why on earth all those makcik2 keep annoying us (ttcian)..
    i do feel really sad n depress previously, like i just want to migrate to anywhere else hehe..

    but i really impress with u coz having a lot of courage to share with others about this..
    to be honest i don't have any guts to do that..silly me..

    so just keep your head up, stay strong together, and not forgetting the important thing ~ sabar & doa.. InsyaAllah only HE knows the best for us =)
    and trust me, sabar itu Indah, InsyaAllah..
    All the best dear, our prayers will be always with the ttcian members..

  3. Setiap kali sy buat treatmnt yg brkaitan ttc sy akan bgtahu family saya terutama makayh n adk beradik sendiri. Family in law ckp setakat mil n fil je. Dan suh diaorg keep secret.Kawan pun mana yg rapat n memahami je. Memang bagitahu utk suh mereka tlg doakn kejayaan setiap treatmnt kita. Tapi pd sy kena hati2 n pilih kawan tuk bgtahu sebab x semua phm mslh kita dan paling penting x nak kisah perjalanan ttc kita dijaja mereka. Hal subur x subur diri kita dijadikan topik perbualan... Haih x suka camtu....

  4. I dont have the courage to tell everyone in my circle. Setakat my family, my in laws and few friends yang i betul2 rapat, including u. Hehe. Kalau office, I bagitau to my boss & staff yang rapat dengan i jugak. Hopefully when it comes to our time for ivf/ icsi, i boleh 'announce' so that people around me boleh faham. Takpe, nanti u will definitely be my pakar rujuk. Hehe.