Monday, April 13, 2015

#3 Road to ICSI - CD 13 - 2nd Appointment with Dr. Tasha

I'm not too sure whether to be happy or to be sad.

So my 2nd appointment with Dr. Tasha was on last Saturday at KL Fertility Centre.
Arrived at 9 am.
Registered and waited for DH to do his thing, the Semen Analysis.
Still not many patient.

By 940 am, DH is done with his thing.
Kental masuk sesorang mamat tu.
Maybe because this is his 5th times of doing so.

My appointment is at 11 am so lepas send sample, we both walked across KL Fertility and looked for Subway for a quick breakkie.

By 1030 am naik balik KL Fertility and tetiba penuh and sesak sgt ruang menunggu tu!!
Berbilang kaum ada. Malays, Indian, Chinese and few mat saleh.
This make me realized that ramai lagi kat luar sana senasib..

Waited till 1140 am then baru dpt jumpa Dr.
First Dr explained the results of DH SA.
Nothing much different though.
He still had the abnormal shape problem so ICSI is definitely for us both.

Its time for my TVS.


On my left side, Dr can see about 5 follicles.
Fibroid is still seen but she said its still quite far from the pathway.
So she really hope that it wont disturb during the procedure nanti.
Pusing punya pusing, the right one is no where to be seen.

Oh my!

Then she decided to use the USG.
My bladder is not full pulak tu.
So mmg tak nampak my right ovary.

Great just great.

I tak tau nak rasa happy ke sedih time ni.
Dr Tasha tried to cheer a bit by saying it is good progress since I only took supplements for a week and my number of eggs increased from 1 to 5.

So she asked us when we want to proceed with the procedure.
Without hesitation, both of us answered, anytime.

Dr decided to re-access on my next cycle and if it is good to go, she will proceed next cycle, else I have to wait until after raya.

Let's hope for the best ya!

Meanwhile, dok tgh berkira2 nak carik sofabed baru.
Imagining my life bed resting for 2/3 weeks dalam bilik je nanti, I can't do that.
So sofabed letak kat living hall so that I could watch TV on a bigger screen than the room would be much better.
DH ckp I kekwat.

Gila tak?


  1. Salam.. akak read u mrs Z. Moga dirahmati Allah selalu. Tenang2 selalu ye. Moga dpt cute twins (",)

  2. MZ, tak nampak ovary kanan? did doc bgtau sebab apa x nampak? anyway, smg Allah permudahkan for both of u... InshaAllah... Ya Rabb, yassir lahuma wala tuassir...

  3. ST, masa tu tak full bladder. Dr suspect fibroid tu blocked or must have pushed the right ovary .. so kena tunggu next CD 2 utk re-access.