Tuesday, January 12, 2016

TTC Hiccups

Lama dah tak update on my TTC thingy.
I did nothing actually.
I hope it is not a sign of giving up though.

On the other part, hubby agreed on adoption with condition BABY BOY only.
Memang byk yg offer but all girl. I have to reject as hubby has his own reason why he wants boy only.

Mek follow je la.
Tapi masih belum ada rezeki lagi nak dapat.

I've been real busy this couple of months.
I am about to launch my own clothing line soon!

Follow me on IG : courbeeqa or FB : www.facebook.com/courbeeqa

For a start I only focus on Plus Size Clothing only.
My collections starts from size XL - 5XL.

Even dah jarang update on TTC, I still have a small group of TTC friends on whatsapp.
We chatted most of the time. TTC topics would only come once awhile.
The rest? More to travel lah, shopping lah, makan lah, handbag lah..
It's fun though having them around me.
We met for lunch sometimes when everyone is free.
Am glad to have met them here in blogging world.

That is my small TTC group. Familiar faces?

Sayang korang ketat2!


  1. MZ, same here...bz with work n did nothing. hahahah.... just go with the flow...

    1. kakak gigi manis...haha finally jumpa balik.
      Ingat Iza lagi tak...blog lama dulu dah lama tertinggal...sekarang ada dekat www.syafrizajasmin.com

    2. Mrs Zamzuri...suka tengok ukhwah macam ni :)

  2. It would be easier having adopted a boy.. I've been married for 5 years and still no news. Just done my iui on Feb this year tp xde rezeki lagi. So i stop for a while and might be continue after Raya..InsyaAllah.. Salam kenalan (^_^)