Tuesday, October 13, 2015



Tak tau macamana nak update ..

BETA test came out BFN.
Yes, I've failed my first ICSI.

It's been hard for me at first but with the support I got from my families, TTC friends, friends and not forgetting my DH, Alhamdulillah I am OK now.

I am recovering although not fully recovered. It takes time.

But I am strong. I know.
We all TTCians does.

I am thankful enough that I still have 2 embryos with 8-cells frozen.
I haven't decided when to continue my FET and DR. T already informed me that I can start the soonest after my next 2 cycle of period.

Everything was fine all the way from OPU till ET day.

I got 9 eggs collected.
8 fertilized.
4 made it to day 3.
2 transferred was 6 and 7 cell embryos.
2 frozen with 8 cells embryos.

Lining was great. Sugar was level was great s well.
I bed rested till 10dp3dt until I got my spotting.
No other symptom except AF cramp almost everyday from 4dp3dt.
My BETA was scheduled on 12dp3dt but since I got spotting, I was called to do it on 11dp3dt which falls on last Friday.

It came back NEGATIVE.
Dr. T was sad as well.

But I know, Allah has better plan for me for now.


  1. Salam takziah sis..
    Betul, we, TTCian are strong.

    Never give up k.

  2. Salam takziah juga, never give up ye? Kuatkan semangat....inshaAllah mana tahu makbul doa2 orang tersayang...

  3. Sorry to hear that hun.
    U are strong.
    In shaa Allah, the other two will make it.
    I am praying for you. Amin

  4. hugs MZ... smg Allah gantikan yg lebih baik....

  5. Ly doakan lepas ni for 2nd fet awk berjaya pregnant hingga melahirkan...inshaAllah

  6. InshaAllah the positive part of failing is that you can always try again. I know u r a strong girl!

  7. dont give up...cuba lg..mana tahu dgn fet akan ada rezki awak...insyaallah...

  8. dont give up...cuba lg..mana tahu dgn fet akan ada rezki awak...insyaallah...

  9. Yes Allah SWT tahu bila masa yang terbaik.....doakan saya juga :) Insya Allah ada rezeki kita...

  10. Assalamualaikum..boleh tanya..awak buat dekat klfc ke? berapa kosnya?