Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#14 Road to ICSI - I am near there!

CD 6 - TVS session with Dr. T again.

Appointment at 1215 pm.
Arrived at around 1150 am and the nurse asked me to go and have lunch first as there is around 6 other patient more.

And I managed to see doctor at around 115 pm.
DH have to passed his Friday prayers on this.

So straight away Dr. T did the TVS.
Found 8 follicles between 10-11mm in sizes.
A bit faster than normal 8-10mm.

Dr. T prescribed me with lower dosage of Puregon, Humog and to start with Orgalutron.


Dr. T expect my OOC / OPU to be schedule next Wednesday but that is all depend on my next TVS which is yesterday (Monday).

So headed back to KL Fert yesterday.
Appointment suppose at 1130 am but I arrived around 11 am.

Met Puan Stroberi there and I was shocked at first coz someone called up my name there!
Nice meeting you though it is just a quick one and good luck on your IUI tomorrow!

This time didn't wait for too long, at around 1115 am my name was called.

Again, straight away to TVS.

Same numbers of follicles = 8 but only 2 in 18mm sizes. 2 at around 13mm. 1 at 15mm and 3 around 11mm.

Dr. T decided to postpone the OPU to next Friday.
Sedih sekejap sbb Rabu tu hari Wukuf kot. Hari doa mustajab.
Lagi sedih bila hari Jumaat tu Dr. T takde to do the procedure.
It will be replace with Dr. Helena.

So Dr. T asked me to continue with Puregon (lower dosage), Humog and Orgalutron till tonite.
Tomorrow I need to do another TVS.

If OPU on Friday, then my transfer will likely be on next Monday (3 days transfer) or Wednesday (5 days transfer).

May Allah ease my journey. Aamiin.

Cost CD 6 - RM 5,000 (2nd payment)
Cost CD 9 - RM 575.60 (for extra Puregon and Humog which is not in the package for day 9/10)

Total - RM 5,575.60

Total paid so far for ICSI treatment and not including my passed appointments before stimulation starts = RM 11,065,60.


  1. so near yet so far... that was how i felt bila dalam keadaan uncertainty bila nak OPU... heheheh...

    May Allah ease your journey...smooth sailing, amin...

  2. Semoga dipermudahkan mrs.z,takpe lambat sikit
    Asalkan folikel membesar dengan banyak dan sihat
    In shaa Allah..Amin..