Thursday, September 17, 2015

#13 Road to ICSI - The REAL journey has started..

Oh yes!
Got my CD 1 on last Sunday 13 Sept 2015. Afternoon pulak tu.
So can't call KL Fert as it is close on Sunday.
Gotta try my luck to make the appointment the next day.

Malam tu jenuh lah berdoa mintak Allah permudahkan semuanya.
Mintak jgk dpt buat appointment on CD 2.

So on Monday morning tu pukul 8.15 am (klinik bukak pukul 8 am), Iols gigih lah call KL Fert.
Told them I got my CD 1 semlm and want to have appt dgn Dr. hari ni (14 Sept).
Knowing that Dr. T hari Isnin petang selalunya dia dekat Pusrawi, berpeluh jugaklah rasanya bila nurse suruh tunggu for her to check.

"Ok, you can come at 1115 am today!"

Alhamdulillah.. Allah dah mudahkan the 1st step.

So siap cepat2, terus ke KL fert.
Arrived dlm pukul 11 am camtu. Boleh tahan ramai jugak orang hari ni.
Waited till 12 pm baru dapat jumpa Dr. T.

She checked on my sugar level record and she was happy about that.
Continued with the TVS.
Lagi sekali rasa jantung nak roboh.

Right ovary - 4 to 5 follicles seen.
Left ovary - 4 follicles seen.

In total around 9 follicles!

Ya Allah, tak tau nak ckp apa.. sbb Dr. T mmg happy sgt and she gave me a real big and sweetest smile.
And then she said, "Ok, you can start your injection today. Kejap lagi pergi buat test LH and FSH. Also I need your HAC1 (Hemoglobin if im not wrong) and Vit D as well."

I gave her 1 big smile and honestly I felt relieved!
After all the hurdles since we started seeing her on last March, and finally my body is totally ready for it!

Alhamdulillah, Allah memang permudahkan segala urusan I hari tu.

So went out, gave them my blood, went for lunch with DH dekat Menara UOA tu.

At around 2 pm, nurse Nabilah pon panggil with the blood test result and of course all my medications!

Alhamdulillah my LH and FSH seems normal so I was prescribed with a very minimum medications till CD 5 whereby on CD 6 (tomorrow) I need to come back and see Dr. T again.

I was given 3 box of Puregon 400 unit with 1 Humog.

The first shot of Puregon was given at the clinic masa proses pembelajaran cucuk2.
DH is definitely going to do all of it.
Nurse Nabilah also brief us on what to do next until CD 6.

Cost - RM 5K (IVF pakej including medication, consultation, LH and FSH test)
           RM 330 (Vit D blood test)
           RM 160 (HAC1 blood test)

Total RM 5490.00


  1. Alhamdulillah. Ur time has come, Qimie! Sending all the best wishes and doa your way!