Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#6 Road to ICSI - Laparoscopy


Lupa nak update lps jumpa Dr. Natasha last week on my CD 2.
Tah macamana boleh awal sehari pulak cycle bulan ni and my CD 1 falls on Sunday!
Camne nak buat appointment dengan clinic yang tutup?

So I pon gigih pepagi tu email Dr. Tasha and told her that I got my period that day and I need to see her on the next day.
I think lepas 2 hours kot Dr Tasha replied my mail and she said just come the next day at 10-11 am dekat KL Fert.

Pepagi Monday tu dah terpacak kat KL Fert and dpt turn no 2.
Masa tu tak ramai orang lagi and by 1030am dah dpt jumpa Dr.

As usual start with TVS.
Dr found 4 on my left ovary and on my right got 2 follicles itupon selepas Dr struggle to find my right ovary.
It has been blocked or maybe pushed slightly up due to my fibroid (s).

She asked for USG pulak but I was not full bladder.
Tapi try la jugak.
Yang nampak fibroid itupon tak jelas.

Dr asked me to go and have a drink bagi penuh bladder and come back after 45 minutes.
Dah puas minum, masuk la lagi sekali.
Still sama jugak. Right ovary tetap tak nampak.

And again, Dr suruh tambah lagi minum.
Mek masa tu dah nak terkencing sgt kot!

Waited for another 30 minutes before masuk lagi sekali.
And again, Dr buat USG.
Still, my right ovary tak nampak but fibroid is clearly seen 2.5cm X 2 cm in size.
So Dr advise not to proceed with IVF sebab dia takut fibroid tu akan mengganggu process embrio transfer nnt eventhough the fibroid is not in the uterus tp location dia memang tgh2 rahim tu.
She advised me to go for laparoscopy and referred me to Dr. Ng Kwee Boon at Tung Shin Hospital.
King of Laparoscopy katanya.

Ya Allah, masa tu Tuhan aje tau apa I rasa.
My heart broke into pieces knowing that I have to postpone my IVF bila I rasa I dah cukup bersedia utk itu.

Keluar je dr bilik Dr. Tasha, we both went for a quick lunch sbb I mmg lapar tp masa tunggu food smp memang menangis la I kat restaurant yg penuh orang tu.
Ado aku kesah?

As usual, DH mmg tenang. He comfort me by saying, my health is way more important to him rather than having a child right now.
Dia nak I pegi jumpa Dr. KB Ng tu jgk (which is today).

After 1 week thinking, I decided utk gagahkan jugak diri pegi jumpa Dr. KB Ng.

So tadi ke Tung Shin la I with DH.
Around 1030 am dpt jumpa Dr. 1st patient.

1st, Dr KB did USG.
Obviously mmg ada la fibroid tu. 2 biji tapi kecik.
Dr ckp by right the fibroid tak mengganggu rahim pon and shouldn't be a problem utk IVF tapi Dr. KB ckp jugak if pregnant, masa tu nanti ada masalah.
Dia pon tertanya jugak kenapa Dr. Tasha tulis dlm referral letter to that she worried there is a problem during the Embrio Transfer.
So Dr. KB asked to do a TVS.

Nah.. kat sini baru nampak clear kenapa Dr. Tasha mintak remove the fibroid.
I have 1 fibroid yg menghimpit laluan sperm ke rahim tu.
Size 3.5 cm x 3 cm kot.

Terus la Dr. ckp better laparoscopy when all the size is still small.
I asked when?
He said, the soonest this Thursday!
I pandang DH, DH looked at me.
Then DH asked, how long to recover.. Dr ckp seminggu dah ok dah.
Dok spital pon 1 nite je.

How much is the cost?
RM 9 K++.

Again kami berpandangan. Told the Dr that my insurance does not cover anything related to fibroid after I had my surgery last time.

After few minutes of thinking, DH ckp buat je lah Khamis ni.

We also asked, after laps, when can we proceed with the IVF and Dr. KB said after 2 mths time.
But I can try naturally within that time.

Laparoscopy it is.

This time, I don't cry.
Strong me.

Please pray for me ya!
Semoga Allah permudahkan semua ini...

Nanti I update lagi lps Laps ya.

Total cost with Dr. Natasha - RM 180
Total cost with Dr. KB Ng - RM 243


  1. Mrs Z,semoga dipermudahkan..Inna ma'al 'usri yusro..selepas kesusahan akan ada kemudahan..in sha Allah..take care dear..

    1. Thanks sis! I admired ur strength and thats what encourage me to stay strong too!

  2. MZ, smg Allah permudahkan... everything happend for a reason... pegang tu ya... take care!

    1. ST, thank u dear.. in shaa Allah..