Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#1 Road to ICSI - IVF vs ICSI

Been doing a lot of reading on IVF vs ICSI after the last appointment with Dr. Tasha.
We came to a decision to proceed with ICSI.


Better success rate.

ICSI is differs from IVF where instead IVF fertilisation taking place in a dish where many sperm are placed near an egg and ICSI the embryologist will selects a single sperm to be injected directly to an egg,

Reason being also because DH have problem with the sperm morphology (abnormal shape).

Cost wise?
Slightly higher from IVF.

So I emailed Dr. Tasha and told her we decided ICSI and to my surprise, she is more worried on my number of follicles!

And that scares me to death!
For real!

She hopes that this Saturday when she re access me, it won't turn out that bad.

So now I am stress!
Like seriously.

I online shopping like nobody's business.
Di saat nak kena simpan duit nak bayor bill ICSI, iols g perabih duit lagi ada.

On the other hand, I am lucky to have my online TTCians friends who always there to just listen.
And of course sharing knowledge and experience on what to do.

Dah bertahun setup group wassap, but last March baru berkesempatan nak jumpa.
Grup wassap tu cumalah 6 org saje.
Konon lebih intimate kalau tak ramai org.
Which is YES.
WE became so attached sampaikan bila jumpa the other day, we spent like 4 hours talking macam dah kawan bertahun2 lamanya.
The power of blogging jugak sebenarnya.

Dlm grup tu, 1 dah berjaya dpt anak kembar thru ICSI
1 lagi soooon nak meletop after Ovarian Drilling.
1 baru lps operate buang cyst / fibroid.
1 tu dah ada anak sorang but TTC for the 2nd one for more than 5 years.
1 tu travel blogger yg I kenal dr zaman fotopages kot.

Ohh tetiba rindu nak lepak lagi dgn uols..!

Sime Darby Hitea

Hahaha dah sebulan jumpa baru teringat nak update kt blog.

Ok I'm off for another retail therapy. 

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  1. Yeap, kita start kenal dari Zaman fotopages lagik! :D I had soo much fun seeing you guys!