Thursday, April 2, 2015

1st Appt with Dr. Natasha Ain

Ok semlm pegi ke Hospital Pusrawi for the 1st appointment dgn Dr. Tasha.
Instead of taking half day EL, I got half day MC sebab batuk teruk and tonsil bengkak.
So sampai kt Pusrawi mmg awal sejam dr scheduled 230pm.

Buat registration then dpt no.
1st patient.
Tp nurse dah bgtau awal2 yg dr maybe lambat sbb ada case.
So waited till 345pm baru dpt jumpa dr Tasha ni.

Oh em gee!
She is beautiful as well!
And soft too.
Lebih kurang sama macam Dr Adilah tp Dr Adilah cam tegas sikit and Dr. Tasha ni lebih lembut lagi bila bercakap.

So start la explain and showed her our previous report.
Her direct conclusion,

Her reason, we've tried IUI before and it has been 6 years and we are both 35 this year.
Why wait?

Somemore, DH got problem as well.
To make it even worse, when she did the TVS scan, my fibroid is still there but alhamdulillah the size has been reduced from 5 cm (last IUI) and now 2.5cm.
And the position of the fibroid pon tak mengganggu ovary.
Also another problem of mine is, the number of follicles.
Semalam dpt tgk 1 je on left side, yg belah kanan tak nampak apa pun.

If I have problems with my number of follicles, makin panjang la citer TTC iols nampaknya.
She prescribed me with supplements to increase the follicles number.
Next appointment will be next Saturday.

What she told me to consume :

1. Multivitamins
2. Fish oil any brand
3. Coenzyme Q10 any brand.
4. Asid folic

IVF cost under Dr Tasha is around RM 14-15K.

Now, am I ready to go for IVF this cycle?


  1. dr tasha buat ivf kat hosp mana? not pusrawi kan?
    MZ, try la ivf.. u never know until u try... my journey ada complication sket, so we decided to slow down and see what happend later... doakan i ya...and i'll pray yours smooth sailing...amin...

    1. dr tasha buat dekat kl fertility centre. sesama la kita berdoa semoga Allah makbulkan doa kita semua.

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  2. Saya patient dr tasha di pusrawi jugak. Suka sangat dengan dia. Hee. Semoga dipermudahkan semuanya sis.