Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Tinggal a few days more before I end my work here in Jekarda. (for this year at least!)

Can start my TTC treatment back dgn Dr. Adilah secepat yang mungkin.
Next cycle jugak nampak gayanya..

Which in a way, cycle lepas adalah gagal lagi.

Anyway, lately ni, I think for the past 3 or 4 cycle, everytime ovulate, I mesti demam.
Demam yg bukan setakat body heat je, ni siap batuk, flu skali pakej.
Is that normal?

Tp kalau dah demam macam tu how la to BD during Ovulation day?

Any suggestion?

On top of that, I am now happy with my weight loss program.
Those dekat IG and FB mmg dpt la tgk my pic posted here and there. Now and then.

I felt great now when everytime I met people, I get them saying, "Eh, qimie dah kurus sekarang!"

Rather then dulu, semua org igt I preggy sebab perut BESAR sgt.

Semoga I akan terus gigih turunkan lagi berat badan ni.
This is the biggest achievement through out the year of 2014.
1 of my effort also in order to get preggy.
Now pushing my DH pulak utk loose some of his weight.

Till then!


  1. Ini memang kejayaan besar ni..tahniah ye.. :)

  2. WOOOWWWWW MZ!!!! U look Great!! bleh jadi inspirasi i ni :-)