Friday, September 26, 2014

Weight Loss - Challenging myself.

After a year trying super hard eating healthy food, I have shredded 15.4 kgs in total.
But, the picture above are the most impressive results I have received by far.

In 18 days, I've lost 4.2 kgs!!

This time with diet + super magic product that works for me purrrfectly!

Am sure a lot of you heard about L'arome Applestem Cell lately ayte?

Yeah, Iols terjebak beli sebotol sbb derang ckp takyah telan but sapu only.
I have enough consuming a lot of supplements daily and I have never trust those diet pills before.

And today, I can happily announced it!

1 Botol = RM 150
4 Botol = RM 350

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Email -


  1. MZ, citer la sket how it works.... the magic product tu... hehehe

  2. Eh,menarik ni..sapu2 je.sebab bukan berat sangat problemnya,bentuk tu nak reduce kan especially tang perut!