Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Proxeed Plus

Last mth, DH went for another sperm test.
Bought the voucher from Groupon.
Buat dekat Damai Service Hospital.

Alhamdulillah, even still under low count punya category, but it improved from the last time we did the test.
I forced him to take Shaklee Zinc.

But, as usual, we want more.
So google here and there.
Asked some other TTCians in my WA group.

We decided to buy Proxeed Plus.

A bit expensive though but got a lot of good feedback.

So went to Klinik Medina dekat Tmn Melati.
Bought a box of it.
Last for 15 days at a cost of RM 180.

Minum pagi seblom breakfast - 1 sachet
Minum petang sebelom dinner - 1 sachet.

Mixed it with cold water.

Tgk lah lps raya nnt nak repeat test balik.


  1. Semoga positif hasilnya nnt dear.,selamat berpuasa : )

  2. good luck dear...inshallah.... ada perubahan yg baik nanti