Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I am 34.

Yes 34.
Not young anymore. *sob*sob
Living my life with wonderful hubby although no child for more than 5 years now.

And still trying.
Very hard.

At times, ada jgk rasa nak quit and dont wanna think bout it too much.
Tapi tak ley aa.

So what I did to keep myself tight with all the positive vibes?

BFP Stories.

Yes, I read those success stories.
Mana yg boleh I follow, I'll try to do it.

Key point, don't give up and keep on praying.

I celebrated my 34th birthday last 12th June.
At first, I thought it is just a plain birthday celebration.
Went off for dinner with DH at Saisaki Wisma UOA 11 on bday eve.
Later midnite, my sis and families came over to my place (which 1 floor above theirs) with both of my nieces with cake.

The next day, went to Pertama Complex with DH to claimed my birthday gift.
Like usual, no handbags or shoes allowed.
So I asked for another camera.

This time, GOPRO HERO3+ it is!! 

1st pic using the phone apps.

Test amik pic rumah plak.

I am 1 happy bee!

Well the happiness doesn't ends there.

On last Saturday, I got pranked by my DH, families and my dear BFF.
They threw out a surprise birthday party for me!!
Which they have been planned for about a month!

And the worst part, I don't have a clue bout it!
I broke into tears the moments my DH brought me into the big huge karaoke room.

Such a great actor he is!
And the rest of the komplot!

Here some of the pic on the event day.

He took me out on that day. Tgk DH menyorok dekat belakang.
Paksa kazen dia drive. Mangkuk ni pon komplot jgk.

Ni DH buat muka tak bersalah.

Me with SILs and Nieces.

 My only sister and BIL. BIL paid for the venue. 
Thank u!

My BFFs. Seldom meet but always there whenever needed.

The best!

When u choose to be happy, happiness is what u get!
With or without child.

Syukur Ya Allah.


  1. happy belated besday fren:)
    x tuala....baru 34th:p

  2. Good surprise, good gift, good company..couldn't ask for more..:-)
    Happy belated birthday mrs z!

  3. Happy bday MZ! May Allah Bless u with His Rahmah, dunia & akhirat...

  4. Selamat hari lahir MZ!!
    Mana ada tua? 34 is just angka la..... :)

  5. eh bestlah gambar2 go pro tu...hepi belated beday..we are in a same mission..

    salam singgah..;)

  6. Auww. Sweet sangat semua orang yang surprise kan u. Hehe. I setuju dengan ayat last u tu. Marilah kita pilih untuk gembira! Hehe.

  7. happy beleted next year pn 34 gak...still gigih berttc....moga ada rezkibaby untuk kita satu hari nanti...