Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy 5th Anniversary to us!

We are 5 today!

Supposedly we plan to travel but something turned up and we gotta postponed the trip.
Dinner pon ala kadar je later on coz hubby is busy with audit.

And I am super busy too this week!

Anyway, I am grateful that Allah SWT has sent me a great hubby to share my life with.
Even up till today, there is still no sign of me getting pregnant, we both are extremely happy.

We both went ups and downs in marriage life throughout these 5 years, (who doesn't?) but that's what keeping us stronger.

I love you Mohamad Zamzuri, for everything.


  1. MZ, Happy Anniversary! Selang a few days from mine :-) May Allah Bless both of u, and Grant both of u success in the world and the hereafter... Amin...

  2. tahniah dear...may Allah bless both of u. semoga sentiasa happy2 selalu dan bersama until di jannah!

  3. tahniah beb.... happy anniv..:)
    inshallah...very soon akan celebrated anniv bertiga :)

  4. Congrats!Semoga diberkati hingga ke jannah..Amin..