Monday, July 21, 2014

Will I have the chance?

Bila baca good news dr some of the TTCians yg dah berjaya conceived this month, I started to think will I have the same chance as well?

Knowing that I have tried many things in order to conceive for the past 5 years lagi membuatkan I tertanya-tanya.. will I be able to go thru the experience of becoming a mother to my own child?

I have a friend who recently adopt a baby boy.
She is a very good friend of mine.
We've been friends since we were in form 1.

Memang dari skolah lagi she only had her period like 3 - 5 times a year.
Her first marriage doesn't work for her.
Married for like a year then divorced.

Then on 2010, she got married to another guy who is much much older than her with 3 kids.
Since then she tried to get herself conceived.
She was lucky this time as the hubby is super rich!
So money wasn't an issue for them.

She tried IUI. Failed.
Went for IVF. Failed.
Then she had her Ovarian Drilling since she is not producing eggs.
Tried another IVF. Failed.

She gave up.
She told me she is adopting a baby boy.

And now, the baby is with her.
She is now happy with her new life.

So, me?
Ada rasa nak gave up but deep down inside, I still putting hopes.
I'll give myself till next year kot.
Then will consider to adopt.



  1. InshaAllah semoga ada rezeki zuriat untuk Mrs Zamzuri.....jangan berhenti berusaha dan putus harap dengan Allah.

  2. Slm mrs z..kadang kita tertanya kita ada peluang tak, tapi kalau direnung,
    kan ada kala tiba2 kita dapat rezeki atau kegembiraan yg tak dijangka..mungkin nanti zuriat kita juga begitu..Amin... :-)

  3. Mz, InshaAllah, our path was written long ago, and only Allah Knows what it is. Kita usaha sehabis mampu... jika masih belum rezeki, mungkin Allah sudah ganjarkan pahala dengan usaha kita... Amin...