Monday, February 10, 2014


Lagi 4 hari akan buat blood test.

Let me story kat u ols apa jadi hari IUI tu.
This is going to be a very long entry.

On 12th Feb 2014, my IUI is scheduled at 1030 am.
Hubs need to ejaculate by 830 am.
Arrived PHKL at 815 am, rushed to BLock C the IVF lab to give the sperm.

Settle urusan tu dlm kol 845 am.
Went off for breakfast.
By 930 am, I cannot pee already sbb 1030 am kena make sure I am fully bladder.

Today tak ramai sgt patient pon.
Sbb ramai Dr. Cina yg dah start cuti CNY.

So 1030 am, my name is called to see the Dr.


First of all, Dr told us that his count was not so good but still can proceed with IUI since she had experienced with lower count than his succeeded before. 

Although a bit down, am still glad it can still be proceed.
So Dr told me to lie down on the bed and bend the knees.

Relax, she said.

So she put out all the necessary utensils with the help of her assistant, Ida.

Then slowly and gently she put the speculum into my V.

This is how the speculum looks like.

At first she puts in the smaller size but unfortunately my uterus cant be open with that size. 
The fibroid is pushing so it is not opening.

Amik ko.

Dr. said that she need to changed the speculum to a larger size.


Waited for about 5 minutes jugak lah sbb Ida nak kena cari that speculum.

So continue again.

This time Alhamdulillah, terbukak uterus tu selepas Dr cubit sket.
Terjerit jap I masa ni sbb sakit.

Penderitaan I tak habis di situ.

Lepas speculum dah lepas, Dr need to insert the catheter lak.

This is how the catheter looks like.

Memula Dr masukkan yg 1st one tu. The rubber one.
Tak ley masuk.
Then tukar to 2nd one, slightly tough rubber.
Tak ley jugak masuk.
Then changed to the 3rd catheter, a tougher rubber.
Gagal jugak.
Masuk no 4, pon sama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then she said, I'm going to insert the STAGE 4 catheter.
If failed, we can't proceed.

The final catheter is the one made from STEEL.
Ya besi!!!!!!!!!
But besi lembut lah.

Dgn lafaz Bismillah...

It works!!!!
Berjaya dimasukkan terus ke my uterus.

Then she quickly bukak the USG machine and asked me to hold and tgk masa dia masukkan sperm tu directly to my uterus. 

I was about to tears masa ni.

If you are not sure how the process is, here is the video.

Lepas settle semua tu, Dr. suruh I baring for about 10 minutes.
Then dia started to brief me on the medication.
I was asked to bed rest till 6dp IUI.

Kurangkan berjalan kata dia.

She prescribed me with Duphaston and Utragestan to be taken till 15dpIUI.

And she scheduled me for a blood test this 14th Feb.

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah semua sepertimana Engkau permudahkan perjalanan sebelum ini...

Total bills for Ovidrel + IUI + Duphaston + Utrogestan + Consultation = RM 2004.30.

Cost may be variance to others specially in my case, a large speculum and 5 types of catheter has been used.

Skang debaran terasa. 
Went to work today after 12 days on leave. 


  1. semoga dipermudahkan urusan awak sis....semoga bertemu dgn baby cute

  2. Sure tgh debor ni...InshaAllah, moga berjaya prosedur kali ni...amin...

  3. InshaAllah...semoga dimurahkan rezeki cepat2 pregnant. Amin

  4. 12 hari on leave? lamanya beb..heheh
    seronok babymoon ek..hehe
    inshallah segalanya dipermudahkan....
    mudah2an rezeki itu sampai jua... :) aminnn

  5. moga dimurahkan rezeki utk conceive kali ni! May Allah bless!

  6. Semoga Allah memberkati hidup kalian, diharapkan usaha anda berjaya.. Amin :-)