Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Too lazy to think.

Kerja menimbun ujung2 tahun nih.
Cuti pon dah abis sbb this year byk amik due to TTC treatment.
Ingat nak sambung this month but bila tgk schedule December penuh dgn weddings sedara mara so postpone lagi.

Only dis weekend je free but mama pulak not well.
Wanted to go for a short vaccay nearby but seems it will be only in KL if mama still tak sihat.

Hubby pon lately sgt2 stress with his business.
Ada ari tu dia ajak I cuti 2 weeks and go to a place where ppl cud not reach us.
Proposed January ni tp something came across pulak.
Kena postpone jugak.


I know, we can only plans but Allah decides what best for both of us.
I just hope semua akan berjalan dengan lancar.
In Shaa Allah.

TTC treatment starts back 2014 la jawabnya.
Misi 2013 hampir gagal.

For the past 2 weeks, I've consumed Shaklee.
B Complex + GLA + Alfafa + Zinc Complex.
Lets see the result nanti.

Ada yg nak beli, can use my ID.

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  1. salam, hai sy baru nk try gla n alfafa, btw sy ade PCOS juga.. nnt dah dpt tgk kesan keep me updated ye. :)