Monday, July 22, 2013

Beli OPK and UPT murah

Last week, ai blogwalking then came across this blog Yohanis.
Nampak dia blog pesal OPK and UPT murah.

OPK - RM 1.20
UPT - RM 1.00

Postage if up to 120 strips - RM 6

So tanpa buang masa, teruslah order 20 OPK and UPT 10.
The next day terus dapat.

Ai have to be more alert dis time due to my past miscarriage experienced.

Thanks babe for selling this, nanti dah habis In Shaa Allah ai order balik.


  1. ala qimie, comelnya u! Thank you, thank you! :)

    i hope u punya repeat order is after getting a baby! insyaAllah. berusaha! :)

  2. Blogwalking info for TTC . Jumpe blog ni . Follow la hihi