Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TTC Poems #1

Poems I've found over the internet. 

Wanting, hoping, and praying.
Who’d have thought life would be this bad
A baby is all we'd rather
have a little one to call our own.
Getting tired of trying and failing.
Just waiting to make our house a home.
Life goes on, it’ll be are time
Don’t tell us that things will be just fine.

No one knows how hard it is
when there is this emptiness with in
Time goes by in such a whiz
That clock we hears is ticking away
Will she ever make it to test day?

Tests, needles and lots of pain
Will we ever get through this hurtful game?
Mothers day comes and goes
How hurt we are it never shows

Pregnant ladies are all around
can’t even lift my eyes from the ground
This is really driving us down

Maybe one day it will be our time.
Until that time we must be strong and keep testing on
Please pray for us and that baby dust down!


  1. the poem is so true..semoga suatu hari nanti kite semua akan berjaya peroleh cahaya mata yang diidamkan.