Friday, November 25, 2016

Let me have the strength...

Lagi berapa bulan 2016 akan melabuhkan tirainya. 
1 year stop treatment and it's about time for me to get back on track before the FET.

Hubby was diagnosed with slipped disc and for the past 1 month we went up and down to Ipoh to do his treatment. 
He opt for alternative medication which after 2 round, he felt much much better. 
The practitioner mentioned it is also the reason for him having a low sperm count.
He got a few more sessions of treatment and we'll see later macamana..

I've wanted to go for rawatan perubatan Islam in Melaka which I've found out that this Ustaz is good at those with fertility issues. 
But since skang ni dok ulang alik Ipoh, baik tgu settle hubby dulu baru ke Melaka. 
Matilanakkk nak ke Ipoh, Melaka every week kan.
So kita pelan2 .

In terms of supplement, this is what I'm taking/ using now :


Jus Delima Golshan. 

Rasa sama je dgn Pati Delima tu tapi sebab dasar pemalas nak bancuh Pati Delima, kita beli yg paket camni. So everyday minum 1 pouch.


Young Living Progessence Plus

Yang ni takyah telan. Just sapu je kat tengkuk. 

Jus Goyang Rapat

Hahaha. Masa memula beli ni mmg kena gelak but after trying, seriyessssssssss sedap! And yes, after consumed 3 botol, and for the last 4 cycle of period, my senggugut is gone! Like mcm takde rasa sakit apa tau-tau dah period. And I can go for 3KM marathon on my 1st day of period, travel to JB, no mood swings.. and of course tang RAPAT tu mmg rapat weh! 

Vitamin C.

Yang ni mmg hari2 hisap. 

Frankincense Young Living Oil

Yang ni saya sapu kat perut and tempat2 yg dulunya ada fibroid. Saya tak check pon fibroid saya ada lagi ke tak tapi saya rasa macam dah takde sbb darah period saya dah tak ketul2 lagi. And I always got my heavy flow nowadays. 


Himalaya Karela.

Ok ni latest. Baru beli 3 hari lepas. Nak stable kan sugar level dalam badan saya. We'll see nnt apa jadi. 

And I think I need to take back my Vit D, B Complex, Fish Oil and Coq10.

That's a lot! Matilanakkk... 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fuhh fuuhhh - meniup sawang kat blog..

Salam Ramadhan..

Again I have not been updating my TTC blog due to busy-ness and also I haven't continue my TTC treatment eversince the last ICSI failure.

I only continue my efforts on TTC with some supplements and Essential Oils.

Ni login pon sebab nak tiup sawang ni. Masih ada ke yang follow?

I've celebrated my 36th birthday last Sunday.

Yes 36, 7 years of marriage with no child.

Rasa apa? Sedih? Pilu?
Tipu lah kalau tak sedih.
But I is REDHA.
Bukan Pasrah.

Coz I've tried every possible way dalam usaha nak dapat anak ni.. tp rezeki tu Allah belum nak bagi lagi.
Allah bukakan pintu rezeki lain utk aku.
So accept it.

Yang penting, I am happy with my life right now.
A good husband.
A good family.
A good family in laws.
A good friends.
So what more do I want?

Anyways, I still have 2 Frozen Embrios which I can't decide when to do the FET.
Kalau rasa nak buat next cycle, I would just do it.
Dats me.

1 of my TTC friend received a very good news earlier on. Twinny!
Felt so excited about her and her pregnancy.

So that's about it. Jumpa lagi ntah bila.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Iklan - Courbeeqa Launch


Let me introduce you our very first collection from Courbeeqa!

A simple design and suitable for use at any time, place and occasion. 


Material: Heavy Valentro Premium Satin
Size: XL – 5XL (Model is wearing size XL)


Black + Bronze
Blue + Peach
Purple + Mint Green
Pink + Grey

✔ HIGH QUALITY FABRIC that airy, soft and easily ironed!
✔ PRINCESS CUTTING that loose, flowy and give thinner illusion.

Free postage for Semenanjung Malaysia and add RM 5 for Sabah and Sarawak


WHATSAPP: +60122510679
WHATSAPP: +60122510679
WHATSAPP: +60122510679
WHATSAPP: +60122510679